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Mastering Fashion Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Tools and Equipment in Fashion Design

Updated: Feb 5

My students frequently ask about the different types of equipment and tools used in Fashion Design. Below is a list of things which are commonly used in designing and in boutiques. The list includes all the products that I have used personally and have been satisfied with the quality. So here's the list with the Amazon links so that you can buy easily:

  1. SEWING MACHINE: If you are planning to learn stitching then domestic sewing machines are best. These are also called half shuttle machines. there are brands like USHA, SINGER, Brother etc. I have been using Usha Janome for about 18 years now with minimal issues. So I personally suggest USHA Janome for beginners.

2. Cutting Mat: Cutting mat is an important equipment used while pattern making and cutting. These are self healing thick PVC sheets which one can use without any issue, Self healing meaning when cuts are made on this it heals itself and the scratches or cuts are no longer visible after some time. This is something all designers including me use all the time.

3. L-scale and Hip Curve: Creating tailoring pattern can’t think without pattern drafting tools. You’ll need the right pattern drafting tools to make great clothing or patterns. These L scale and Hip curve combo is good for that.

4. French Curve: French Curves are used in drawing armholes and neckline while drafting patterns for tailors and Fashion Designing

5. Presser Foot Kit: These are very functional for all your sewing needs and can be used for most Brother, Singer, Janome / New Home, Elina etc. Sewing with this foot is not difficult, but it may take a little practice; It is suitable for some fine fabrics, which may be better for rolling up some beautiful patterns. These presser feet can be applied for leather, embroidery, zipper, buttons, beads and other special crafts. Good sewing tools for fashionable accent on blouses and dresses, as a border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts. Includes many professional sewing crafts.

6. Colouring Set: These have excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on most surfaces. 80 colors are included in this marker set, The reasonable color allocation and sufficient pigment content will make you get affluent in painting. keeping you well organized.

7. Pearl Pins: Fashion design is a delicate interplay of creativity, precision, and attention to detail. Among the myriad tools that fashion designers wield, one often-understated accessory stands out – the pearl pin. These small, exquisite pins not only serve practical purposes but also add a touch of elegance to the intricate world of fashion.

8. Hole Puncher: Easy to operate: the eyelet puncher are designed to hold well with the hand, have elasticity, easy to use, and can reduce hand pressure, very useful and multi-functional; You need to punch holes with a punching tool before you can use the buttonhole and pliers. These are used for making holes nd pressing rivets in belts or around necklines with ties etc.

9. Polyester Boning for Corsets: These are widely used on wedding dress, party gown, corset, bridal gowns, nursing cover, lingerie, costume, evening dresses, hats and handbags.

10. Embroidery Hoops: Comes with 16 Inches and 18 Inches Wooden Frame, this is ideal for beginners in Aari work.

11. Aari Embroidery Needles Kit: These needles are particularly used for doing aari embroidery work with beads, sequins, French wire and thread. These needles have an iron handle which is wrapped with thread to provide a nice grip. This would be perfect for doing effortless embroidery work.

12. Cutter, Longnose Plier, & Shaper: These are very Heavy Duty Jeweler Tools, perfect for adding embellishments like framed stones etc. on your outfits/ designs.

13. Long Coat Cover| Foldable Blazer Cover| Suit Cover With Zipper Closure: When you are designing and creating high end clothes for your customer, it needs to be taken special care off and delivered in special bags. These garment bag for closet are made of high-quality breathable Non-Woven fabric that is thick enough to help protect your clothing from humidity and rain and are ideal for wedding gowns, Sherwanis, Blazers, etc.

14. Hem Tape Rivil Civil Fabric Fusing Tape Double Sided Adhesive Hem Tape: These are iron on tape which help seal cloth tight. The fabric can be washed or dry cleaned after application. It is:

  • Time-saving and durable: hem tape makes strong and reliable work to take place of stitches in most crafts and repairs, resulting durable stronger bond

  • Multiple usage: hem tape can stick pants, jeans, dresses, skirts and other various fabrics together, except too smooth or sticky surface, such as denim, cotton, etc.

These were some of the commonly used tools and equipment for beginners in Fashion Design and for boutiques. Hope this was helpful!

If you want to learn more about presser foot and their purposes then click on the button below and read the detailed article on it.

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thanks for the detailed information and it makes us to learn more.


Thanks a lot ma'am for sharing all this valuable information 🙏. Just wanted to know about brand of machine embroidery. Please recommend me. Thanks

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