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About Us:

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My Story & Mission


I am Sujata Dutta - FASHION DESIGNER AND BOUTIQUE SPECIALIST. I am a software engineer turned fashion designer/ entrepreneur and I'm the founder of RAHASYA CREATIONS. I have worked in IT and ITES industry for 11 years but wasn't happy. Being an ambitious woman I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Since childhood I have had the opportunity to get the exposure to designing and garment construction. My mom being a creative person herself used to stitch my clothes. I used to design them, we used to go and select and buy the fabrics together. Have learnt a lot from her and we used to investigate critical designs together. My interest in fashion continued even after i started working in an IT firm. 

When I decided to quit I decided to set up my boutique. But I didn't have any formal training in fashion design nor did I know what goes into setting up a boutique. I used to wish that there would be someone to guide me through this but alas.

I did my fashion design course from Atharva College and started my boutique. Once in the field I realized the difference between theory and practicality. 

I realized that there's a faster way to get the knowledge in fashion design and start ones own business.

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